How to Build a Social Media Strategy for Your Startup

Having a social media strategy for your startup will help you connect with potential and existing users in a more personal way. Read on to learn how to build a social media strategy for your startup.

by - Christo Jolly

Social media has taken the marketing field by storm. It altered the scenario, made advertisements more popular and ensured excellent reach for brands. Social media marketing is the buzzword now. It can get you the results that earlier big billboards, fliers, posters and TV commercials could achieve combinedly.

Social media marketing is more than just posting frequent posters, videos or images proclaiming about your brand. You must strategize the marketing tactics, or assign it to a professional firm. Assign the task to them to gain the best results. You can assign marketing to a social media marketing agency in Kerala, Bangalore or any part of the world according to your business location and convenience. Although they are at remote locations, they can extend the support to you.

Let’s look at the tips for building a social media strategy.

1. A Thorough Market Research

You must have a clear idea about the target audience, their topography, and their age group and so on.  This will be crucial for better conversions. Understand that social media campaigns are not merely aimed at likes and shares. It must get you the intended result, i.e. promoting your brand, enhancing sales, and creating a brand identity. Considering all these factors, jumping the gun without proper research and analysis will be suicidal. You will just waste time, energy and money on social media without any evident outcome.

2. Use the Same Identity across the Board

Avoid using different handles or identities for different social media platforms. This will affect the overall effect of your campaigns. The audience, the potential clients, must be able to recognize your brand without any confusion. This is one of the most known factors. We could find businesses and brands using a single handle across social media channels.

3. Do focus on the Platforms Where Your Customers are

Earlier social media meant only Facebook. It has changed over a period. Presently we have several social media platforms for exploitation. During the research we elaborated in Tip 1, you might have identified the platforms used by your potential customers. Try focusing on the same platform and deliver custom-tailored content in that social media channel.

4. Know Your Competitors

Analyse your competitors and ascertain their marketing strategies. This is for neither copying them nor developing some negative campaign about their brand. The analysis will help you pinpoint where they stand, how advanced their marketing campaigns are and how much effort you need to put up to make it up to them. Don’t limit yourself to the competing companies from your region. You can check multinational companies and small entities from other regions as well. It will give you a reference about the social media strategy they have derived.

5. Lay Out Your Objectives

The goals will depend on the type of company/ business you own. You may want to create a brand identity, enhance sales or extend the reach. Whatever it may be, it should be clear in your mind. If you are assigning digital marketing to any professional agency, you can brief them about your objectives. This will be pivotal in preparing the marketing strategy. The digital marketing company will formulate marketing according to your goals.

6. Don’t be Jack of All, Master of None

Never make the mistake of trying too many things simultaneously. Even though you can do marketing campaigns in more than one social media platform, avoid simply posting something for the sake of posting. It will not reap you any result. Therefore, prepare the posts according to the platform and use it. Try to exploit one or two platforms as much as possible.

7. Compelling Contents

Although we have placed this tip at the end, it is the most essential one. The contents you, or your digital marketing agency, create must be compelling enough for people to share it. Once the post goes viral, you are getting maximum publicity without any expense. Check about the marketing agency’s credentials and capabilities before assigning them the task. The agency’s track record will reveal to you how efficient they are. Besides, you can discuss your requirements and get a clear picture of the deliverables.

Social media is a golden duck. It will continue laying golden eggs without any extra efforts from your end if you use it optimally. Else, there won’t be any evident benefits, even after spending hours, days or months on it. Give people what they want rather than showing them what you want to show. Those who can silently convey your message, without overdoing it, can be a winner ultimately.

In case you are not confident of doing it yourself, contact a digital marketing firm today. And kick-start your social media campaign.

Christo Jolly