10 Best Tips to Get Instagram Followers in 2020

Many entrepreneurs have realized the worth of Instagram marketing. It has become one of the top-most social media marketing platforms that can provide immense leads.

by - Praful Mistry

Many entrepreneurs have realized the worth of Instagram marketing. It has become one of the top-most social media marketing platforms that can provide immense leads. Instagram became revolutionary a few years back and today it is the most used apps among users. As per the Instagram statistics, which is mentioned below will help you understand the worth of Instagram Followers to your business:

  • Boast more than 1billion active users every month
  • 60% of the customers search for new products
  • 35% are adult users on this platform
  • It has 500+ million active users daily
  • 80% of users follow business pages
  • Instagram has 2 million advertisers on a monthly basis

Here in this article, we’ll be sharing 10 smart tips that will help you boost Instagram followers:

  • Create an attractive profile

Similar to other social media channels, even on Instagram you need to make a follow-worthy profile. Make sure that you’re authentic about your business and work and share the same type of content. Don’t forget that Instagram is known for visual appearance, so sharing informative videos and images is an ideal choice.

  • Maximize your bio info

As you’re creating a business page, you should add content to your bio, which should be powerful and reflect on the services of your brand. Many businesses underutilize this aspect, but it can be of great help to increase followers.

  • Utilize high-quality images

As I have mentioned before that Instagram is a visual sharing platform. You should make use of high-quality images or HD images. It will create a good impression among your followers and new prospects as well.

  • Create and share engaging videos

Relating to your business, create and share engaging videos that have meaningful content. Your video should be capable of attracting new customers as well as involve some message to users. In this way, you can enhance your followers.

  • Be smart with Instagram hashtags

Twitter was the actual creator of these hashtags, which has become popular across other social media channels as well. On Instagram, many followers search for different things with hashtags. You can it works like keywords. So you need to be smart enough while adding hashtags.

  • Optimize Instagram stories

It’s been a year that Instagram also introduced the stories feature, which is inspired by Snapchat. You can optimize Instagram stories to promote your services or some content that you’ve recently added to your profile.

  • Run a contest to boost engagement

You can run some contest or giveaways for users that will not only help them to boost the engagement but will also enhance your followers. The most common contest participation includes following your page, tagging three friends, and sharing about your business on their stories.

  • Leverage Instagram influencers

There are innumerable Instagram influencers that can help you promote your brand. However, it depends on your choice whether you want an authentic crowd or a mess. These influencers charge as per the number of followers they have. You can find the right influencer as per your domain and promote your business.

  • Prioritize engagement than followers

More than followers you should concentrate on user engagement. If your customers are leaving comments or liking images and videos you’ve shared will immensely help you in the growth of your organization.

  • Hire a consultant

If you find the page handling task quite difficult, then you can hire a digital marketing consultant that can guide you as well as manage your profile. It is the best way to stay ahead of competitors without spending much.

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